New Education publication: Nursing and midwifery students’ perceptions of spirituality

A new paper has been published in the international journal, Nurse Education Today, including Dr Jenny Hall, educator in CEL and member of the Centre for Qualitative Research, in an international team of researchers.

Titled Nursing and midwifery students’ perceptions of spirituality, spiritual care, and spiritual care competency: a prospective, longitudinal, correlational European study, the paper is a report of a longitudinal study that investigated how nursing and midwifery students perceive spirituality and spiritual care. The study followed cohorts of students throughout their courses in 21 universities across 8 countries. The study identified students development over the course with student perception of spirituality and personal spirituality as significant.

Jenny was involved in data collection for the study and contributed to the development of the paper.

It is currently available on;ine at:


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