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13th June CELebrate2018: Teaching, Technology and the TEF (keynote speaker Sarah Knight from JISC)

  This year our CEL ‘CELebration’ events were Faculty based with a series of Faculty led Assessment and Feedback fiestas, conferences and laboratories. For CELebrate2018, the key theme that arose from working with staff across the University, was working with large groups. In this year’s CELebrate symposium, we are convening a range of different opportunities… Read more »

@cel_bu, the BEST TWEETERS in the land!!

It’s official!! The CEL team are THE BEST Tweeters across the UK… or at least at the ALDinHE Conference, which took place March 26-28 in Leicester. CEL Theme Leaders, Dr. Shelley Thompson, Anne Quinney and Dr. Ann Luce, along with Head of CEL, Prof. Debbie Holley made the long trek north over the Easter break… Read more »

CEL: Exploring My Academic Career Profile in the Thinking Environment

Wednesday 30th May 13:00 – 14:30 at Talbot Campus The workshops will provide a space for those who attend to explore their route through their academic career pathway and reflect on that route whilst also considering the path they will take in the future. The workshop will provide a basic overview of the Thinking Environment… Read more »

Layered: Augmented Reality Study

The time is right for the world to become Layered… Undertaken in partnership with AR technology company Zappar, Layered is a Mindshare Futures study which explores user behaviour, identifies four key trends shaping the future of AR and discusses implications for brands. Education only gets a passing mention, but the implications are clear! You can access the full study… Read more »

Pioneer in the gamification of education in Malta

Gabby Govus, a teacher at St Catherine’s High School, Pembroke, shares her experience of conducting digital literacy lessons in classrooms using Microsoft’s innovative IT tools over the past four years. A group of students from our school were recently hosted by the Microsoft Innovation Centre for a Minecraft Education in the Classroom session. The event… Read more »

Google for Education Launches Beta for ‘Create Your Own’ Virtual Reality Experience

Educators and their students can now be part of a beta program to create their own Google Expeditions virtual reality experiences. The opportunity was unveiled this week at Bett, the world’s largest educational technology show here. Classes enrolled in what Google calls its “pioneer program” will be able to create their own immersive virtual experiences with a… Read more »

New Research – Augmented & Mixed Reality: Innovation, Disruption & Future Prospects 2018-2022

This may interest some staff – to read report you need to join their list and go to the reports section.’ ==== New Research – Augmented & Mixed Reality: Innovation, Disruption & Future Prospects 2018-2022 Juniper Research’s new Augmented & Mixed Reality research delivers pivotal use cases, trend analysis and competitive intelligence on this high growth sector…. Read more »

5 Education Technology Trends in 2018

The world of education is already being introduced to new technology trends in 2018. As school objectives evolve and technology advances, new teaching methods and EdTech trends emerge each year. Technology in education constantly disrupts and enhances pedagogy. It paves the way for new learning experiences and provides innovative ways to achieve core goals for… Read more »