Cyber Security

Help secure your business against the serious threat of cyber crime.

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Cyber Security

Cyber crime is a growing problem for organisations worldwide.  All businesses face serious threats from hackers, data protection breaches and compliance issues. Without comprehensive security, these can cost your business significant amounts of money.

Bournemouth University Cyber Security Unit (BUCSU), puts Bournemouth at the forefront of cyber security through the fusion of enterprise engagement, research and education.

As part of our cyber security offering, we developed the Enterprise Assurance and Security Consultancy (EASC). EASC provides expert awareness advice, training and security consultancy to companies around the UK.

Our EASC portfolio of products and services will enhance and secure your organisation’s profitability. We can:

  • Assist organisations to develop an idea into a working prototype with built-in security right from the start
  • Help you to move online and develop a technology strategy
  • Help protect your intellectual property, business processes and data
  • Carry out audits of your existing processes and systems
  • Develop and deliver security awareness training to staff
  • Develop appropriate organisational policies, standards, processes and procedures
  • Carry out ‘ethical hacking’ security testing of websites and systems
  • Investigate and provide advice on managing the response to security incidents
  • Provide advice on information security, business continuity and risk management.

To learn more about protecting your business from cyber crime, and accidental damage to your resources, please contact us on +44 (0)1202 966670.

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