Consumer Insights

Bespoke literature reviews and original research studies about your market and consumers, researched and written by academic experts.

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Consumer Insights

Could your research problem benefit from some academic thinking? Our staff have extensive experience of delivering research projects that have helped clients to gain an enhanced level of insight and assist them in solving a range of strategic issues.

We supply bespoke audience insights and in-depth data analysis, covering both the consumer and business markets across a range of sectors. Importantly, our commercial experience means that we are able to ensure that all reports are shaped by the project objectives and deliver actionable recommendations where appropriate.

Our services

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About our staff

  • Leading researchers in the fields of media, communications, marketing, and consumer behaviour.
  • Highly skilled in a range of research methods that can be applied to most client needs.
  • Published in many of the major international journals.

Sometimes asking the right questions, or scoping out what you need is the hardest part of research. We can work with you to define your research problem and develop a robust methodology.

To discuss your research requirements with an academic please call us on +44 (0)1202 962006 or email