Funding Opportunities

Funding available to stimulate growth and innovation.

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Funding Opportunities

At BU we are keen to find out how we can help your business. There are a myriad of opportunities including UK and international funding available to stimulate growth and innovation.

We recognise the demands of the workplace, and industry can and does move quickly. This often puts businesses under pressure. By understanding more about your business, we can identify the best way to collaborate in order to support your vision and ambitions.

Funding for Business

Innovate UK is the UK’s innovation agency. Responsible for supporting the business community and driving innovation,  Innovate UK have announced their latest priorities and funding opportuntites for the year 2016 – 2017.

Funding has been split into four sectors , with the objective of making the purposes and timescales easier to understand amongst the business community.

The four sectors are:

1) Emerging and Enabling Technologies – Technologies that will lead to new products

2) Health and Life Sciences – Agriculture , food and healthcare,  bioscience and medical research, and  engineering and physical sciences

3) Infrastructure Systems – Transport, energy, health and digital

4) Manufacturing and Materials – Advanced manufacturing, R&D , technology.

Funding calls are also planned to be simpler.

Delivery Plan in full.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) are a government-funded scheme to share university knowledge and embed this knowledge into UK businesses. These partnerships allow you to recruit a graduate (known as an associate) and access specific skills to increase your business’ productivity and improve performance. 2015 was the 40th anniversary of this national scheme. (These are continuing and form part of the delivery plan 2016 – 2017.)

The aim is to develop ways to enhance growth and opportunities both in the UK and overseas and also to improve competitiveness abroad.

The European Union (EU) offers a wide range of funding opportunities that start-ups, entrepreneurs and companies irrespective of size and sector can tap into. Being a partner in an EU-funded project is a great way to boost your company’s competitiveness and support the UK Governments’ drive for innovation.

Staff Placements

If your organisation has a project that requires expert knowledge in a specific field then a BU staff placement could provide the solution.