Centre for Entrepreneurship

A centre for innovation and collaboration.

Contact: Mark Painter

T: +44 (0)1202 963547

E:  mpainter@bournemouth.ac.uk

The DM Centre for Entrepreneurship (CfE) offers a number of ways in which you can connect with other entrepeneurs to broaden your network. The centre aims to form a group of local and proactive business owners who visibly support and encourage entrepreneurship by acting as ‘Champions’ for entrepreneurship and ‘Ambassadors’ for the Centre for Entrepreneurship.

Key objectives include:

  • To encourage, foster and facilitate entrepreneurship and growth amongst local digital media businesses.
  • To provide a way for local business owners to visibly demonstrate their support for entrepreneurs.
  • To provide an opportunity for local business owners to play a valuable and tangible part in the growth and development of the businesses based at the CfE.

News and events: To keep up with news and events at the CfE.

Entrepreneurs in residence:  To find out more about who we work with check out the CfE website.