Local Cycle Infrastructure Ideas

This map has been created to enable anyone who cycles locally to indicate areas of concern or danger for cyclists that might be alleviated by improved or additional cycle infrastructure. Of particular interest are any areas where a current lack of infrastructure Рor the presence of substandard infrastructure Рmay be discouraging people from cycling. You can add to the map simply by clicking on the relevant area and adding a pin with a basic description of the problem and Рif possible Рany ideas for a solution.

This information will be collected in order to inform future discussions regarding priorities and possibilities for improved cycle infrastructure. The more evidence we can gain from people about the need for additional infrastructure the better, so please do add pins even if the area concerned already has one from another user.

Note: You will need to log in to a Google account in order to add ideas to the map.

BUBUG Cycle Infrastructure Map

Any immediate maintenance issues, such as encroaching vegetation or potholes, can be reported directly to the relevant Local Authority via FixMyStreet