Mon 28 Nov, 2016

A Cycle Kit for BUBUG?

A few people have asked about the possibility of a kit for BUBUG. Although BUBUG is not a cycle club as such, it might be nice to have a way of highlighting the group, and it could look good on Social Rides if a few of us were in the same kit. Obviously you wouldn’t have to have the kit to take part though!

I have put together a couple of ideas for colour schemes using an online kit-design tool. The underlying design is of the ‘Classic’ type as this seemed less likely to divide opinion, and just covers a short sleeve jersey. It would be quite easy to convert this to long sleeve jerseys too, or even windproof gillets if there was enough demand.

Please indicate your preferences by posting a comment below, and also an indication of roughly how much you would be willing to pay for a BUBUG jersey. If you have any other ideas – or a particular aversion to the ‘Classic’ look – then please add that to the comments too.

Each colour scheme is based on a connection to the Uni…



3 Responses to “A Cycle Kit for BUBUG?”

  1. Richard Wintrip

    I think they all look good. My favourite is ‘Sea and trees’. I’d be happy to pay up to £30 for a jersey.

  2. Donna Hornsby

    I quite like the BU colours one, but think the Sea and Trees one would have a wider appeal! I’ve just looked at the pricing of other BU merchandise – it ranges from £10 for a t-shirt to around £30 for a hoodie. I don’t think I’d want to pay more than £20.

  3. Ian

    I am proud to be a Dorset native but always unsure about wearing a maillot jaune when not earned. I like the sea and trees option.


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