Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards

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Got a winning business idea? Recent graduates are invited to enter the 2012 round of Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards.

Open to both students and anybody who has graduated from BU within the last five years, the Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards offer cash investment of up to £20,000 for the best business ideas – as well as some great publicity.

What’s on offer

All 55 UK universities in the Santander Universities network have been invited to submit two student or alumni business proposals for the national competition – one each for undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Undergraduates: 1st prize £5,000; 2nd prize £3,000; 3rd prize £1,000.
Postgraduate: 1st prize £20,000; 2nd prize £10,000; 3rd prize £5,000.

How to enter

All entries from BU students and graduates will be judged by a panel of BU staff.  The best proposals will then go forward to compete nationally.