Additional Learning Support


ALS supports students with sensory and physical impairments, specific learning differences, medical conditions and mental health issues. Support is individually tailored depending on particular needs.

The Additional Learning Support (ALS) Team

Talbot Campus is our main office but we have distributed services on both campuses and off-campus.


To qualify for additional learning support you will need to provide evidence of your condition. Evidence must be from a medical specialist or an Educational Psychology Assessment Report.

Diagnostic Screening

If you do not have any evidence of your condition then you will need a diagnostic screening. This allows the additional learning support team to cater support to meet your needs. A contribution towards the cost may be asked for. If you think you may have a specific learning difference such as dyslexia, call 01202 965663 or email and the Student Advisers will help you.

Support Available

Recommendations for reasonable adjustments to learning and assessment are based on the needs of the individual. Please email us or call 01202 965663 to discuss the support available within your school.


You may be eligible for financial support through the Disabled Students’ Allowance grant, and the ALS team can help you with your application.

Accessibility Information

If you have a mobility condition and are worried about getting around our campuses then our Accessibility Information through Disabled Go will hopefully calm your worries. The website provides accessibility information for all of our buildings, with helpful pictures to show you the accessibility features.

Rules and Regulations

We adhere to the Equality Act 2010 in everything we do.

What if it all goes wrong?

Circumstances beyond your control may affect your studies. Factors such as illness, injury or medical issues may arise and cause you to fail exams or miss deadlines. If you are struggling with any of these issues, or fear that you may face one of these issues shortly, please contact your Programme Administrator as soon as possible so that provision can be made to support you.