Chesil House accommodation block

Living with new people is a really exciting prospect – but it can be a bit overwhelming, especially if it’s the first time you’ve lived away from home. This information will help you settle in to your new home quickly.

Organise your accommodation

  • If you haven’t already done so, check out your accommodation options on our dedicated web pages
  • If you have secured BU-allocated accommodation, you’ll receive an email from BU or one of our partners* early in September with details of your moving date and time and details of how to collect your keys. If you’re arriving later, don’t worry, we can make alternative arrangements
  • Look at your address on ‘Street View’  in Google Maps to see where you’ll be living
  • Think about what you need to bring with you (e.g. bedding, iron, your favourite mug) and what you can buy with your house/flat mates when you get here (e.g. crockery, pans, ironing board)
  • Before you get here, think about things you can do to make your living environment as harmonious as possible, like being tidy and considerate to the privacy of others.

Our accommodation options include BU-allocated accommodation (Halls of Residence or UniLet houses) and private accommodation via our BU Lettings service.

Check your contract:

  • Your contract will be sent to you before you arrive – make sure you read it and know who your contract is with, as although BU manage the accommodation allocations, most of the residences are run by private partners and therefore your contract may be with them*
  • Check which bills and services are included and what you’ll need to extra pay for e.g BU-managed options include utility bills and internet access, but private accommodation may not
  • A bus pass is typically included in our published rent prices but you can opt out if you live close to your Campus or love your bike – we’ll discount your rent costs accordingly
  • Read your contract/housing offer to make sure you understand the consequences if, for any reason, you decide you want to move out or leave BU as there are cancellation fees – transfers to alternative housing is sometimes possible but there are criteria to meet and fees to pay
  • We have policies in place to protect students in all our residences, so please familiarise yourself with them. Our Partners also have policies and guidance to help make your living environment as enjoyable as possible so please read the information they send you.

If you’re not using BU accommodation:

  • SUBU Advice can help with legal/contractual issues to do with landlords
  • You may worry about integrating with other students and making friends, which is why joining in with activities during Arrivals Fortnight and getting involved with Extra-curricular Activities  can really help
  • You’re still a BU student so our policies (including considerations for your neighbours) still apply.

Contact us

Contact askBU if you’ve forgotten your Accommodation Portal password or if you have any general enquiries before you arrive.

* Your contract will be with either: BU (including Dorchester House, owned by The Student Housing Company), UNITE PLC or Campus Living Villages (CLV).